Giving Wrecking Balls a Whole New Meaning

The Auto Wrecking Business - How It Works

by Brittany Rose

Auto wrecking is the business of dismantling a vehicle and salvaging materials that can be repurposed. If your car was involved in an automobile accident and cannot be salvaged, use an auto-wrecking service to dispose of the vehicle.

Auto Wrecking

Auto-wrecking businesses use hand tools and power equipment to dismantle vehicles. Typically, an auto wrecking service provider will remove the wheels, upholstery, door panels, hood, and other detachable parts from a car's frame. Once a car has been stripped down to the frame, the metal that remains will be repurposed.

Unsalvageable parts that are removed during the disassembly of a vehicle will be disposed of. All of the parts that have been separated from a vehicle will be classified. Some parts may be sold to individuals and businesses. Others may be melted down and remanufactured. Metal components that comprise a car's body, for instance, may be repurposed.

Your Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle will have a bearing on how much cash you receive from an auto-wrecking business. An auto-wrecking business pays cash for used cars that contain many salvageable parts. The exchange of cash takes place when an owner of a vehicle signs over the title and gives the vehicle to an auto-wrecking business.

First, assess your vehicle. If there are any parts of the car that you can use in the future, remove them. If you are uncertain if saving some of the parts will be worth the effort, consider the value of each component. It may be more cost-effective to part with the vehicle in its entirety. If an auto-wrecking business owner furnishes you with a quote that you are receptive to, leaving small, inexpensive automotive parts intact may seem logical to you.

A service provider will outline the manner in which you will need to prepare your car to be picked up. Typically, an auto-wrecking business will dispatch a tow truck to a client's home. Then, a transport driver will meet with the client to discuss the payment for the vehicle. If a monetary amount has been agreed upon in advance, the transport driver will hand over the cash that was promised.

Unsalvageable Vehicles

A vehicle that is deemed unsalvageable will still be accepted through an auto-wrecking business. If most of a car's exterior and interior are destroyed, scrap metal may be the only material that a scrap yard owner is interested in acquiring. A severely damaged vehicle may not be eligible for a cash payment.